About GrowFree

Our forest school farming sessions offer a wide range of outdoor-focused activities on the farm and in the surrounding countryside.

Sessions are inspired by an exploration of the landscape and its diverse habitats through the changing seasons, offering students the chance to develop a deep interest and understanding of their natural surroundings and respect for the environment through hands on learning experiences, which are either guided by the teacher, child-led, or a mixture of both.

Sessions at the farm follow the seasons of the year and include the following:

  • Food growing and enterprise
  • Ecosystems and habitat regeneration
  • Campfire cooking 
  • Animalcare
  • Woodland crafts
  • Exploration of nature and wildlife

Our Philosophy

Incredible Farm believes that everybody should have regular, long-term access to the natural environment which provides them with inspirational and challenging outdoor learning opportunities.

Forest school farming offers diverse opportunities for all individuals to access a nature-rich environment where farming and habitat regeneration go hand in hand. GrowFree forest school farming adopts the Forest School approach to learning, where participants can learn through self-directed play and exploration.

Children who attend GrowFree are given the opportunity to develop their curiosity, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, empathy, communication skills, knowledge of the natural environment as well as an ability to assess and mediate personal risk in the outdoor environment. 

Come and visit us at the farm.

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